SmartCarb® vs Lectron®

How do they compare? We get this question a lot. Both the SmartCarb® carburetor (SmartCarb®) and the Lectron® carburetor use metering rods in lieu of jets and needles, and both manufacturers make similar claims in terms of performance, air density compensation, and ease of use. Understanding how they compare is the first [...]

SmartCarb Installation into the 2020 Sherco 300 SE

Learn how to install the SC2 SmartCarb into the 2020 Sherco 300 SE. Corey Dyess, SC2 SmartCarb inventor and Technology Elevated CTO gives a step-by-step demonstration of  this simple process.  Why are we highlighting the new French-made Sherco 300 SE?  (The Sherco trials bikes are made in Barcelona, btw.)  Just [...]

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