Factory Refurbishing

SmartCarbs are built to last. See below for our recommendations and policies about how to keep your's performing perfectly.

Basic Maintenance

We recommend that SmartCarb owners perform basic maintenance on their carbs to keep them running at optimal performance. SmartCarbs should be cleaned seasonally and rebuilt with replacement service parts every year or two depending on use. Rebuild Kits (25-28mm & 36-40mm) containing all service parts are available for purchase.

Factory Refurbishing Service

We offer Factory Refurbishing to like-new condition for any billet model SmartCarb, whether purchased new or used from another source. Factory Refurbishing includes full disassembly, inspection, sonic cleaning, replacement of all service parts included in our Rebuild Kits, reassembly, and baseline calibration specific to the application for which it will be used.

The base fee for this service is $199 plus the return shipping cost. Any non-service parts needing to be replaced as determined by the inspection are extra. You will be notified of those costs prior to completing the work. SmartCarbs sent to us for Factory Refurbishing in excessively dirty or poor condition may be subject to an additional $30 cleaning fee or refusal of service.

Mail carriers may refuse to ship your package if the carb still has fuel in it, so please drain the SmartCarb completely, double wrap it, and submit the Refurbishing Authorization Form below prior to shipping to the following address:

SmartCarb Fuel Systems
9900 E 56th St
Raytown, Missouri, USA

Refurbishing Authorization Form

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