Real World Fuel Economy Findings – A Case Study

“If you want to ride fast, first learn how to ride slow.” That’s Alex Conan Laugeni’s favorite saying, along with “Those who risk nothing, do nothing, achieve nothing, become nothing.” The Sydney, Australia based rider recently equipped his 2018 Beta 300RR with a 36mm SC2 SmartCarb and the fuel economy blew him away. In many places in Australia, fuel economy isn’t just about saving money or reducing one’s carbon footprint, it’s about riding farther through remote terrain without having to circle back to refuel before you’re ready or having to install a larger, more cumbersome fuel tank. Alex had this to say in June about trying the new SC2 on his Beta:

Today I had a chance to go for a longer ride. I was particularly curious about that “better fuel consumption” claim… Here are the findings:

I rode for 89.4 kilometers and didn’t even use reserve. Mighty impressive since with my previous carbi I would be switching to reserve before the 70 km mark. Stopped at the petrol station and could only fit 5.4 litres of petrol in it… bloody amazing thing! 16.5 kilometers per litre gives me approximately 152 ish kms of range… nothing short of amazing!!

Went home and removed my spark plug, just to confirm that it wasn’t running lean in order to provide those extra kms of range… well, another surprise, the plug was spot on with that gorgeous “caramel” brownish, tan colour to it… Highly impressive, people!

Technology Elevated, hats off!! ??? Come companies talk the talk, you guys walk the walk!! ????????✊?✊?

Alex first heard about SmartCarb while researching Lectron carbs online. An avid rider since he was 14 years old, Alex started out on a CR250 in 1986. The terrain he rides is 70 percent slow, gnarly singletrack and 30 percent fire trails. “I love slow-pace challenges that involve skills like balance, clutch and throttle control, obstacles, etc.,” he said in a recent interview. “Pure motocross tracks are not my forte at all. I follow WESS closely and really admire the likes of Jarvis, Bolt, Lettenbichler, Blazusiak, Walker, Gomez, etc.”

This video of Alex riding all the way up a radically long climb without putting a foot down is just one example of what gets his endorphins flowing.

The SmartCarb’s proprietary venturi features concentrate and accelerate airflow past a precision ground metering rod to product ultra-fine fuel atomization and a more complete burn. The result: 30 to 50 percent better fuel economy, a no-spill design, and 10 percent more power. The SC2 is designed, patented, and manufactured by Technology Elevated  in Raytown, MO.

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