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36, 38, and 40mm SC2 SmartCarbs are designed to replace conventional carburetors in 2-stroke applications from 125cc up to 500cc or more. They are a direct fit in applications originally equipped with Keihin PE, PJ, PWK and Mikuni VM and TM series carburetors of similar sizes. 36mm size depicted.

Every SmartCarb ships pre-tuned with baseline settings specific to the application for which it is ordered. Questions about sizing, fitment, or compatibility? Contact Us!

New orders ship within 2 weeks from the order date. For our international customers, please note that any applicable import duties or taxes are the purchaser’s responsibility.

Performance Guarantees

  • Ride Faster | 10% more power
  • Ride Farther | 25-30% greater fuel economy
  • Crisp, clean, responsive throttle inputs bottom to top!

Tuning/Ease of Use

  • Make adjustments trail/track-side by hand, in seconds (no tools required)
  • Complete air density compensation (consistent air/fuel ratios at any elevation or temperature)
  • Accepts all modern stock throttle cables
  • Single circuit design (NO Jets!)
  • Set it and forget it!

Other Features

  • Zero fuel spillage (internally vented, sealed system)
  • TPS plug-and-play (optional add-on or as a kit)
  • Reduced emissions (30-50% reduction)
  • CNC billet construction
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

NOTE: Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) required for:

  • Applications using 3D ignition mapping requiring TPS input (later year YZ250s, KX250s, RM250s, and the new 2022 YZ125s)
  • Applications using TPS input for oil injection (Betas) or for servo controlled power valves (later year CR250s)
  • Applications using aftermarket ECUs with advanced mapping features requiring TPS input (PowerCDI)
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SmartCarb SC2

We’ve spent years refining every facet and feature of the SC2, making it the biggest leap forward for our flagship model since 2012. This new generation of SmartCarb provides the same unmatched performance gains enjoyed by thousands of customers in over 80 countries worldwide – now in the most accessible, plug-and-play format we’ve ever made.

  • Substantially shorter end-to-end (direct fit for all modern 2-stroke dirt bikes)
  • Revised throttle cable retention (works with all stock throttle cables)
  • Integrated, internal vent passages (clean, slim form-factor)
  • TPS plug-and-play (optional)
  • Premium anodized float bowl color options now available!

SmartCarbs are designed and manufactured in the USA to provide extremely fine fuel atomization, precise air/fuel mixture control, and ambient air density compensation. These innovative features are delivered in a single-circuit, flat slide, variable venturi, mechanical fuel system.

Hewn from beautiful billet aluminum, the SC2 has been crafted to the tightest tolerances in order to deliver the excellent performance gains that our customers have come to expect from patented SmartCarb technology.

30 reviews for 36mm SC2 SmartCarb

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. Great out of the box and exponentially easier to adjust than the stock carb on my Xtrainer. Gas mileage and power delivery were significantly improved as well.

    The best part is not worrying at all about temperature/elevation when gaining several thousand in altitude riding my local trails. Keihin carbs are great but the SC2 is way better.

  2. Michael Caddell

    My 2019 150sx came with the 36mm SC2. After my first ride, it was obvious that the carb was too lean because the previous owner was a woods rider and I only ride moto. I called smartcarb up, they pulled up the record of the previous owner and we figured out that I needed a richer metering rod and an updated float kit in order to suit my motocross needs. After these updates and following the unofficial smartcarb tuning guide, which is very easy because you can do the tuning without any tools needed, my bike rips. Starts first kick without even having to touch the gas, idles strong, and pulls very linear all the way through each gear. 5 stars for the customer service at TE and for an awesome product!

  3. Kris Lisowski

    I wanted to let you know the carb is working great! I also wanted to let you know I passed your company’s info on to a few people from the Kayo KT250 site after my review to them, as they were very interested in your product! You guys make a quality product and I don’t mind telling anyone who asks😉. The low end grunt this bike has now is crazy! It’s getting more and more rare to buy something that 100% lives up the company claims! I’m pulling hills in second and third gear that before was in first! Anyway, thanks again for your help, and your great product! I will recommend this carb to anyone that rides multiple elevations and at differing temperatures.

  4. Michael Slaybaugh

    Well after reading all the reviews I am going to put a SC 36 on my new 22 yz125x..

  5. David Lodermeier

    Yamaha YZ125 2022
    I researched what was the best carb replacement was for two stroke motorcycles and the benefits and performance lead me to Smart carb! I reached out to them to get some recommendations on the carb as this is brand new bike, Nathan reached out to me and was able to dial me in.
    I received the new carb and was excited to get this on and test it out. I rode the bike with the stock carb a few time previous to getting the Smart carb to compare. Out of the box the bike ran really crisp and power was great all around. After a few motos on the track and pushing a little harder I noticed it was had a bog at the end of a jump section, so I pulled over shut it off and Made the adjustment on the side of the track. Bam!! Leaned it out some and tested it out. It was better but not quite enough.
    Never messing with something like this with no jets I wasn’t sure how many clicks I needed to go. Leaned it out a few more clicks total of 10 click leaner (they come a bit rich to be on the cautious side) and the bike really cleaned up and the response was even better. Off the bottom it was really crisp and quick, then as you transition to the mid to top the thing just keeps pulling. The power curve was strong al the way through and I noticed that there was not lean popping or fluttering when you rev over jumps like you get with typical carbs.
    Hands down this carb will make your bike run stronger throughout the power band and keep you from pulling your hair out trying to figure out jetting specs. Best mod to a stock 125 you can do that bolts on and ready to rip out of the box.

  6. Darrell Spilsbury

    I do a lot of vintage motocross and I have a 72 CZ 125 that has been modified and built by Harry Klem. With a Mikuni it ran ok at best, was impossible to start kicking it, but would cease in off throttle situations going down hill. 1/2 size bigger pilot jet and it would bog and load up. I bought a lectron and tried three different needles and just about every setting with them and got it to stop loading up but throttle response at low RPM was poor at best. I decided to go with a Smart Carb and gave them my info, bolted it on, it started first kick. I was beyond words and thought it was luck. After a couple small adjustment it ran like a reed valve motor. ZERO bog, quick response off idle, it would do throttle wheelies without pulling on the bars for the first time and was a beast on the track. Simply amazing! Given the option, I don’t see why anyone would buy any other carburetor for a bike!!! Why would you want something that you have to take the slide out to make adjustments? Why would you want another carb that cant possibly give off idle throttle response like the Smart Carb? I would give it 10 stars if I could. It worked so much better than I thought was possible, way beyond expectations!!

  7. Utah Desert Fox

    This thing is the best thing I have done for my bike. Well maybe the high dollar suspension is good also. But anyway, this thing pulls so good and it never goes ding ding ding after it gets hot after abusing the clutch on hard climbs. And as far as acceleration, my friend has a ’21 Erzberg with the TSP ecu flash and high compression head. Just cruising down the road at about 30 in sixth, my bike will just walk away from him by quite a bit. Geared the same. I’m impressed with this thing it is great.

  8. Codin

    2018 (non-tpi) 250XCW – Rebuilding to 300XCW running the SC2 36

    We live in Northern Utah and ride all around the Intermountain West (UT, CO, MT, ID, WY), predominantly around 5,000ft – 12,500ft depending on the time of year/season. This carb has been a game changer when it comes to ensuring the bike is always running crisp and proper, regardless of altitude, temperature or location.

    This is hands down “The Best” investment you can possibly make for a carb bike. You get the flexibility, fuel efficiency and power that our fuel injected 2-stroke brothers can only dream of! No more messing with jets and that good old fashioned 2-stroke power band that your mamma always warned you about growing up.

    After 150 hours of hard enduro, single track, desert riding, all around shenanigans and too much snow to enjoy ourselves in the mountains any more – it’s time for a rebuild on the motor and carb.

    Cheers SmartCarb – You guys make and incredible product!

  9. Randy L

    OK here is the story on the SmartCarb you guys sent me. It worked as advertised. It ran great and idled great from the first touch of the button. I never changed anything from the way it was sent to me. It ran cleaner on the bottom than my Lectron. It will hit hard in the mid and on top when you want it. It lugs down low when crawling through rocks and I was also impressed with how it will pull a taller gear as an experiment when just chugging up inclines.

    I’m happy!

  10. Aaron H

    36mm on a ‘berg 300. Love all the SC benefits, especially extended range and crisp power through big elevation changes here out west. I had an issue with heavy fuel on the top end that I couldn’t adjust out with metering rod or float level. Changed a piston after 140hrs – runs bang on to Corey’s settings. Thanks for quality product and awesome support.

  11. Tom Guowei, owner XTNG

    I can’t believe it, SC2 makes my old CR250 run like a new BIKE! awesome! I decided to buy a 40MM SC2 for my brother to revive his CR500!

  12. Derrek Homewood

    I recently purchased a smartcarb for my 2018 beta xtrainer. It has transformed my bike. I used to climb monster hills with 90 degree inclines out here in the 4 corners regions of New Mexico in 3rd gear. Full throttle and a prayer, hoping that I would make it. Now, taking those same hills in either 4th or even 5th gear in some cases. So much more torque in lower gears and real climbing power in higher gears. If you want more speed, I suggest the 38mm sc2. If you want more climbing power, the 36mm sc2 gives it in spades.

  13. JB Oman (verified owner)

    This thing is great! The service from Technology Elevated was amazing, they were quick to respond and were helpful! The carb took a little extra work to install since it was going on a Sherco SC300 (trimming the air boot and intake flange), but even that was not difficult… and let me do some extra cleaning!
    It came with the baseline settings, from there I ended up leaning it out 2 clicks, so they were very close to perfect! I have a couple rides now on it, it rips and starting from cold in the morning is way easier than my old setup was. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – 11/10 would recommend.

  14. Wes Reeves

    I’m amazed at the quality and ease of use of my 36mm SmartCarb SC2. It’s so easy to get dead-perfect jetting that it feels like cheating. In fact I’m so impressed with it on my KTM 250 XC, that I went straight for the “easy button” when I couldn’t nail the jetting on my son’s new KTM 65SX and immediately contacted Tech Elevated for a SmartCarb suitable for it. Like a skid plate or hand guards, the SmartCarb is now an essential piece of equipment on my 2 stroke cross-country bikes. Not only does the SC2 exceed my expectations, the support and responsiveness offered by Technology Elevated is second to none.

    Wes Reeves
    2019 KTM 250 XC
    TORCS and TSCEC Racer

  15. Travis N (verified owner)

    After an entire summer trying to get the stock carburetor running proper on my 2017 150XCW I finally gave up and ordered a 36mm SC2 from Technology Elevated. Prior to my order was weeks of research only to find positive feedback and confidence from anyone running one of these carbs. TE was extremely informative and answered any questions i had before purchasing.
    When the SC2 arrived it was packaged nicely and was able to follow the directions provided along with a few youtube videos. Everything was rather simple and only ran into a small snag with the stock throttle cable binding and not closing the slide fully. Huge thank you to Nathan @ Technology Elevated as he was able to sort me out in minutes due to the bike initially not starting – COMPLETELY MY DOING. Did I mention this all went down on a Sunday??? Customer service on a weekend was not to be expected but worth a shot and he delivered. Got me riding without having to wait till the next weekend.
    For sub zero temperatures it ran like clockwork right out the box. Will still need a couple clicks on the a/f knob but overall I’m extremely impressed with the quality and performance achieved from this product. 6-stars if possible!
    Thanks @ Technology Elevated.

  16. Kevin F

    Got my SmartCarb running sweet!

    Very impressive fueling with our temp not rising above 38 degrees yesterday. More responsive now, compared to a properly jetted Mikuni, and none of the ‘ding-‘ding off-throttle, just smooth response everywhere. I love how it rolls on before the power-valve and after. Not soft power before, stronger now, then good drive once on the pipe.

    Feels better than a 125 should…

    Can’t wait to see how it operates at 65 degrees, 85 degrees, and everything else next season.

    Thanks guys!


  17. S. Bucenko (verified owner)

    I installed a SmartCarb (36mm) and my Gasgas EC300 turned into another bike.
    That’s what has improved:

    – Increasing the lower RPM horsepower and torque
    – Vibrations decreased
    – Fuel consumption fell by 30-40% (it was about 10+ liters became 6)
    – But the most important thing is that the motorcycle is no longer sensitive to the weather.

    SC2 has exceeded all my expectations! ?

  18. Jeff C. (verified owner)

    I received my 36mm SC2 yesterday, installed it right away into my 2020 Beta 300RE, and rode today and oh my goodness, it’s not even the same bike! I have owned many 2-strokes and while all of them ran ok with proper jetting, etc (other then my beloved Beta), none have ever been perfect everywhere through the throttle range. Always some weird flat spot or what have you. The Beta with the SmartCarb on it was magic, seriously it was amazing.

    The chain slap on my (very well maintained) Beta was so bad I thought it was just something I had to live with. I didn’t realize it was a fueling issue and I don’t think most riders totally understand this fact. The rattle is gone and I rode some wet muddy rocky trails this afternoon and felt like I had more traction then ever. It never died, flooded, bogged and unlike the stock carb, it doesn’t spill fuel.

    I’ll be your best salesman in NW Montana, you can bet on that!

  19. Slade Putman

    I ride a ’16 TE300 Husky in Colorado, and Utah primarily, on gnarly singletrack at altitudes that range from 7,000′, down to 4,000′ (Moab) and up to 12,500′. The stock Keihin could be jetted well to run crisp at any particular altitude, but move 2,000′ up and it would get boggy and not have the response needed to snap over obstacles, or if going down 2,000′ it would be too lean to be safe; either case requiring rejetting. It made the 300 not much fun on the really difficult stuff, but I didn’t want to go the four-stroke 450/500 route of my friends – heavier, maintenance-intensive, costly, etc. I recently did the Rimrocker Trail, just for the scenery sake, with a friend on his KTM500EXC, fuel-injected. My jetting was set for 7,000-9,000′ before I started, so I had to rejet to 5,000-7,000′. The Rimrocker Trail is 200 miles offroad from Montrose to Moab, going from 5,000′ to 7,000, down to 5,000′, up to 10,000, then finally down to 4,000′. To protect from seizure, it has to be jetted to run at Moab altitudes (4,000′) and temps, or, re-jet several times during the ride, which is tough out in the field and wastes time. The result is a boggy bike most of the ride. My friend’s injected 500EXC rode perfectly all day. Tired of this. I checked into SmartCarb, since I had know about Lectrons since I began riding in the early 70’s. To make this long story short, I called Nathan to test him on his knowledge. He CLEARLY and totally understands fuel delivery, carb design, etc. I bought the SC2 36mm and just came back from 4 days riding the Calico and Priest’s Gulch trails near Telluride, and several others. The SmartCarb SC2 is amazing. After a small amount of fine-tuning with the clicker and idle set screw, I had it dialed in. Under the worst trail conditions (12,000′ altitude, steep tight trails with gnarly big rocks to get over), it had immediate, strong response, barking and pulling like you wouldn’t believe. No matter wanting or needing a 450 or 500 to handle the steep inclines, big rocks and high altitudes. It would not stall, no matter how much ridiculous load and low rpms I tried to kill it with. I thought I’ll take it down as far as it will go to see what will kill it. Far beyond what is reasonable, even then, when it didn’t have enough pulling power to make it, I downshifted and it ran perfectly clean – amazing, no loading up or bogginess. Way better pulling power, predictability, snap, grunt and responsiveness than with the Keihin, and this is at EVERY altitude, all day long. In some open meadows, I opened it up hard to see how it ran. Amazingly, it ran very clean and strong, like it was jetted perfectly for the altitude. It almost pull like an open-class two-stroke would, and this is just a 300. To top all this off, on one of my rides I calculated my mileage to see how my range would be affected and it turned out to get between 45 and 48mpg when staying out of the powervalve. That increases my range substantially. I have a whole different perspective on this 300 in these operating conditions now, due to the SmartCarb SC2. I highly recommend going to one and couldn’t be happier.

  20. james garrett (verified owner)

    I installed the 36mm SC2 on my 2020 Beta 300RR standard edition (I use premix) and I am very impressed. I ride mostly at 1500 feet above sea level and I did not have any trouble with the stock carb but wanted the improved mileage and no spilling of gas on steep terrain or when I drop the bike. The SC2 does not spill gas no matter what angle it’s at which contributes to the fuel savings. On my first ride my mileage improved from about 30mpg with the stock carb to 39mpg with the SC2 just doing a rough calculation. I was not expecting a big performance increase, however, I was surprised at how much harder the bike pulls from down low. The Beta 300RR already has a lot of grunt in stock form, but with the SC2 I found myself riding a gear taller in many situations with less clutch work. I recently ordered a Rekluse clutch for this bike but after installing the SC2 I cancelled the order as I don’t need it. Another fringe benefit is that I hear less chain slap (that rattling sound) when lugging the engine because it’s smoother and stronger down low. The customer service has been great. The installation was a little tedious as there is little space to work with but otherwise straightforward.

  21. Matt E

    I was in the market for a new woods bike and was pretty much set on getting a TPI bike. I would much rather spend my time riding than jetting, and with me living at near sea level and taking trips up in elevation to ride, it only made sense to go with fuel injection.

    I ended up stumbling on a new 2020 Beta Xtrainer and absolutely had to have it. I love how light and nimble it is and with a 300cc 2 stroke piped for low end grunt and a softer suspension it was the perfect bike for the riding I do. The only problem was that it was carbureted… Big bummer… Well, I was told to check out SmartCarb as an alternative to fuel injection, and after researching, decided to go out on a limb and get the Beta with the plan being to immediately swap over to the SC2 purely for the carb’s ability to compensate for altitude density. This was a pretty big risk for me, as buying a new bike that now needed a rather expensive modification to meet my wants kind of worried me.

    I got the bike, and out about 10 hours on it. The factory jetting/performance is SUPERB, but again I wanted the density altitude adjustment. I ordered and put on a new 36mm SC2 carb, and it was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. The bike (to my surprise) runs even better, gets better economy, pulls harder, and overall is the absolute best running carbureted engine I’ve ever experienced. I have been tuning carbs and building bikes/engines for over 10 years, and I am completely sold on the SmartCarb. No issues with the engine running hot, no electronics, ability to very easily tune if needed, and ability to ride anywhere without jetting changes has got to be one of the best advancements in carbs in a while. I have a Lectron carb on another bike, and although I feel it is good, it is definitely not as refined and does not have the response and grunt of the SC2.

    Huge thanks to Tech Elevated for the support. It was hard to swallow the initial investment, but I was assured it’s all it was cracked up to be, and they delivered just that. I will now be saving my pennies to put a SmartCarb on my son’s bike and my wife’s bike. One of the single best mods I’ve done. If you’re on the fence, go for it.

  22. Bryer Hansen

    I’ve had my 36mm SC2 on my 2017 TC 150 for little over a year now and it is absolutely perfect. I ride as much as I can in as many different places as I can. From moto to mountains the performance is incredible. From the get-go out at the track I noticed how much harder it pulls out of corners. My bike is so much more alert and crisp now. Bigger jumps out of corners are easy and more comfortable to hit. Steep mountain trails where you typically only see 300cc bikes – I can go anywhere they go with how consistent my bike runs. I’m still running the new spark plug I installed with the SmartCarb compared to the 3 or 4 I fouled with the tuned stock carb with a 50:1 ratio. I have found more reliability with the SmartCarb and absolutely love to ride my perfectly tuned and crisp bike.

  23. Ben

    I just replaced a 34mm Keihin pj bored to 35mm with the 36mm billet SmartCarb on a CT Racing built 240 Yamaha Blaster quad. The low end lug increased dramatically, it revs like a streetbike, overall power at all rpms is greatly increased. Absolutely no flat spots in throttle anywhere. I was extremely hesitant to shell out $700 and fabricate an air intake to make it all fit properly, but afterwards I would tell anyone considering the SmartCarb bite the bullet and buy one you won’t be disappointed. I called them up gave Corey all the specifics of my set up, He sent me out a carb in 4 days set up for my quad. After properly mounting it to my air intake, I started it up, it idled perfect, so I ripped it around outback and honestly had to make no adjustments. I was completely shocked how much this carb improved my quad!

  24. John G

    I’ve been meaning to post this report since last August when a group of us from Georgia (Elevation 1,500-3500 ft.), seven on 2Ts and two on 4Ts visited Crested Butte (Elevation 8,500-13,000 ft.) for 5 days of riding. The three 19 300 TPIs were hard to start every day, had frequent altitude compensating symptoms and ran weak in general. A Lectron equipped bike ran ok but was also weak, blubbery, and drooling. The two Mikuni carbed bikes needed a step leaner needle and pilot and ran ok as expected. The two SmartCarb equipped bikes started and idled without choke, ran clean, strong, and smooth all the way up to 13,500 ft. The last 500 ft. was a long hill climb, on the pipe all the way, and I still had a perfect idle at the top. Neither SmartCarb bike had a dial touched all week. My bike was notably stronger since I have an RK Tek head, so when we swapped bikes, the comments were “that’s the strongest 300 I’ve ridden.”

    Along with the other great features like the no leak float bowl, reliability, simplicity, and outstanding customer service, the SmartCarb is a no-brainer. It has exceeded my expectations both in Colorado and for the 100 hrs. I’ve ridden with it these past 9 months.

  25. Stephen B.

    The SC2 36mm on my ’19 Husky TC 125 is a game changer, fits perfectly and runs like a dream right from the get go. Idled nicely out if the box, super crisp throttle response from bottom to top with great over rev. This is my 4th SC and the SC2 is a great carb, well-made and comes with supreme support – always quick to answer questions without judgement. I use this bike for pure MX, the carb goes way beyond off road, works wonderfully with my engine package too. Stop the tuning madness and step up to a Smart Carb 2, worth the expense.

  26. omarmech83

    Speak about SmartCarb is very easy as use the carb, performances really increase power, increase fuel economy…..forget jets, forget screwdriver to set air screw, just two fingers and make the setting, never found a carb like this on the market and then you have a Billet carb with an amazing look, just one word: PERFECT!!!!!

    And Technology Elevated has a fantastic aftermarket costumer care……a carb to try….

  27. CanuckXCW

    Installed 36mm billet SmartCarb on my 2009 KTM 300 XCW. Construction appears to be high quality. Install was snug but no modifications were required to the airbox. Did not need a new throttle cable. Stock cable is fine. Bike starts and idles very well. Carb was dialed in at the factory for a 300. My bike has a 250 top end on it now. Runs very well. Feels like increased over rev even with an older restrictive Gnarly pipe. I think it is running a bit rich, possibly because it was dialed in for a 300, not a 250. I decided to not touch the clicker when I got it. It is running well and I still haven’t bothered to adjust the clicker. Hope this billet will fit the 2017 KTMs or 2017 Huskies but we will have to see about that.

  28. scot.macdonald

    As an “early adopter” of the 36mm billet Smart Carb, I have enough time and experience to confidently say this is a game changer if you ride a 2 stroke. I have over three years of riding over two different bikes and have been continually impressed with the performance. The smooth electric power band from the torquey bottom to the stout over rev makes my 2012 KTM 300XC much more enjoyable and less tiring to ride. Also, the “set it and forget it” jetting aspect is not an exaggeration. As an example, in February of 2014, I was riding in the northeast in 20 degree weather and snowing at sea level. I then took my bike to Arizona and rode for a week in the mountains in 85 degree temps and 5000-6000 feet without ever touching an adjustment. The bike ran great under both conditions. Try that with a Keihin!

    Lastly, I would like to mention how great Corey and the Technology Elevated staff have been to work with. Corey has graciously suffered through my questions while tuning and has been available to provide advice on weekends and evenings.

    Get one, you won’t be disappointed.


    Looking back, I can’t believe that I’ve been running a SmartCarb for 3.5 years & over 250 hours on my 300 XC-W. All on the same top end. There is no way I’ll be going back to the OEM carb and I really don’t see any benefit in a FI or DI system due to the added complexity they would bring, given how trouble free the SC has been.

    I usually ride in a few local enduros/hare scrambles a year. One is the Sandlapper Enduro just outside of Columbia, SC. I’ve won my class at that race three years in a row and two of those races were part of the National Enduro Series.

    Thanks again for the “electric motor” feel of the SmartCarb!

  30. jared.busenitz

    I recently took a single track trip to CO with the plan of riding some of the “good stuff” What a blast! It was an incredible trip. I built a ton of tracks for my GPS of stuff I wanted to ride, and barely got to 1/4 of it… partly due to only 3 1/2 days of riding… partly b/c some of the stuff was so fun I had to ride it multiple times.

    This was my first time in the high country with this bike:
    2013 KTM 300XC
    38MM billet Rev. H SC w/ flange cut off stock air boot
    Gnarly pipe
    FMF Turbine Core SA Hardparts silencer
    Red PV spring w/ Kreft adjuster, dialed to how I like it.
    13-50 gearing (stock)

    At 1000′ in KC, I normally run the stock head that has been recut for better performance on pump gas. For the high elevation trip, I purchased a 300SXS head and had it milled for 8000′-12000′ on pump gas. I took the stock carb w/ a new air boot, kitted w/ appropriate jetting just in case. I didn’t want my trip ruined due to some niggling issue.

    All that to say… I didn’t touch any of the extra parts. The bike & carb setup was unreal! Crazy good, especially considering I was riding well above the tree line in many cases.

    With stock gearing, 1st gear was great for the gnarly. 2nd and 3rd were dialed for moderate to fast paced flowing ST. 4,5,6 were only used for transfers. It had a stupid amount of low end grunt for the gnarly stuff, & I rode lots of that. Some of the terrain would have been difficult to hike through, let alone get a dirtbike through. It was amazing how it lugged & refused to stall… absolutely no need for an auto-clutch. It chugged & churned, but would respond with authority when asked.

    I wish I had a more scientific fuel mileage estimate, but I do not run a gauge cluster, and just used my GPS for mileage for the day… sometimes forgetting to reset the mileage. Doh! I never ran through a stock tank full in one day, but easily had 60 miles on a not-quite-full tank to start, with plenty more to go… never hitting reserve. I’m guessing I could have rode 90-100 miles of reasonable riding. That’s just a guess though. Fuel mileage was much better than my buddies 200xc-w with a 3.3 gallon tank.

    I had a submarine moment where I drown my bike & had to dewater it. I was trying to hurry through a section to meet up with some buddies on the other side of a pass. I came up to a water crossing that I had been through in previous years. It was larger & wider, but did not think much of it, trying to make time. I wheelied in, landed, and water poured over the seat, into my pants, etc. I got one more blip of power, then blaaaaaaahhhhh.

    I had to push the bike out of the crossing. I thought… oh no… with this carb, how is this gonna work?

    I rested the rear wheel against a stump and tipped the bike up to empty out any water from the exhaust. I then pulled the plug and ran the starter. The exhaust and motor was full of water. The air filter was water logged. I was 15 miles from anything, way in the sticks. I went through my routine as best I could. I cleared the air filter, slapped a new plug in it, after getting as much water out from the plug hole & exhaust as possible.

    It started instantly and I went on my way. I put a new air filter on when back at camp and never experienced another issue.

    Now, after about 30 hours on this carb, I am a raving fan! Everyone who rides the bike is too. They are mazed by the crispness and rideability of the bike, epecially when they compare it back to back with theirs. In fact, I went riding today with a friend who now has to have one too! 🙂

    Thanks for a great product & great customer service Corey! I am watching in anticipation for your future products. You continue to elevate the game in a way that provides accessible drastic improvement for an average Joe.

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