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36, 38, and 40mm SC2 SmartCarbs are designed to replace conventional carburetors in 2-stroke applications from 125cc up to 500cc or more. They are a direct fit in applications originally equipped with Keihin PE, PJ, PWK and Mikuni VM and TM series carburetors of similar sizes. 36mm size depicted.

Every SmartCarb ships pre-tuned with baseline settings specific to the application for which it is ordered. Questions about sizing, fitment, or compatibility? Contact Us!

New orders ship within 2 weeks from the order date. For our international customers, please note that any applicable import duties or taxes are the purchaser’s responsibility.

Performance Guarantees

  • Ride Faster | 10% more power
  • Ride Farther | 25-30% greater fuel economy
  • Crisp, clean, responsive throttle inputs bottom to top!

Tuning/Ease of Use

  • Make adjustments trail/track-side by hand, in seconds (no tools required)
  • Complete air density compensation (consistent air/fuel ratios at any elevation or temperature)
  • Accepts all modern stock throttle cables
  • Single circuit design (NO Jets!)
  • Set it and forget it!

Other Features

  • Zero fuel spillage (internally vented, sealed system)
  • TPS plug-and-play (optional add-on or as a kit)
  • Reduced emissions (30-50% reduction)
  • CNC billet construction
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

NOTE: Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) required for:

  • Applications using 3D ignition mapping requiring TPS input (later year YZ250s, KX250s, RM250s, and the new 2022 YZ125s)
  • Applications using TPS input for oil injection (Betas) or for servo controlled power valves (later year CR250s)
  • Applications using aftermarket ECUs with advanced mapping features requiring TPS input (PowerCDI)
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SmartCarb SC2

We’ve spent years refining every facet and feature of the SC2, making it the biggest leap forward for our flagship model since 2012. This new generation of SmartCarb provides the same unmatched performance gains enjoyed by thousands of customers in over 80 countries worldwide – now in the most accessible, plug-and-play format we’ve ever made.

  • Substantially shorter end-to-end (direct fit for all modern 2-stroke dirt bikes)
  • Revised throttle cable retention (works with stock throttle cables)
  • Integrated, internal vent passages (clean, slim form-factor)
  • TPS plug-and-play (optional)
  • Premium anodized float bowl color options now available!

SmartCarbs are designed and manufactured in the USA to provide extremely fine fuel atomization, precise air/fuel mixture control, and ambient air density compensation. These innovative features are delivered in a single-circuit, flat slide, variable venturi, mechanical fuel system.

Hewn from beautiful billet aluminum, the SC2 has been crafted to the tightest tolerances in order to deliver the excellent performance gains that our customers have come to expect from SmartCarb technology.

11 reviews for 38mm SC2 SmartCarb

  1. Charlie (verified owner)

    I have about 4 hrs using the 38mm on my yz250x.I find it works very well,starts easily runs crisp and clean all the way thru.I read people saying the smart carb will make the bike boring.I do not feel this way .The bike has a very connected feel to the rear wheel ,pulls really well even way down low.I just placed another order for my beta hoping for the same result.

  2. Mark Thurman (verified owner)

    Just got my Smart Carb for my “Kawasuki”! KX 500 motor in a 03 RM250 frame. Fuel mileage was a issue as I was on fumes at the end of a 21 mile loop. Today I did the loop for the first time this year. While speeds were down a little do to leaves and fallen trees, I finished with a 1/3 of a tank of fuel!!!!!!! Not to mention it ran perfect right out of the box!!!! I sent them my exact jetting specs I was using and they nailed it!!!!’ I couldn’t be any more pleased! I can now finish a 2 hour race with out stopping for fuel. I have a IMS over sized rm tank, so I was at the limit.
    Problem solved and it runs great!!! Can’t beat that!!!

    Mark T

  3. Colby (verified owner)

    2003 Honda CR250
    Throttle cable install was much easier than the factory carb.
    Fitting the the air box was a bit of a b****. But it sucks with the factory carb too. I didn’t need to trim anything, it’s just a little longer than the original. Wedged golf balls in between the farmer and the boot on the left side, while pushing from the right.

    It was really rich from the factory.
    I had to adjust the float bowl, no big deal.
    I’m probably 15 or so clicks out from where it was when I got it. Starts good no need for a choke, I’ve done 3 spark plug tests all look great!

    My bike is running very well. Less smoke, not loading up. Honestly it is running ??!

  4. Todd Murdock

    With the ease of tuning, EFI feel and power increase I can say without hesitation that this is the best purchase I have ever made for my bike.

    I have a 2022 KTM 250 SX and I was using a Lectron carb but I was looking for an alternative with external adjustment as it can be time consuming to tune the Lectron when trying for the perfect setting for a particular track e.g richer when riding deep sand vs hard park.

    The ease of external adjustment was really the only benefit I thought I would get, but I was amazed by the power increase I got and how it really does feel like I have EFI.

  5. Matt krusto (verified owner)

    After a couple months of riding in some pretty big elevation and temperature changes I gotta say I’m pretty impressed with the new SC2 on my CR500 powered Husky. It’s truly been a set it and forget it part for this bike.

    These SmartCarbs have come a long way since the old APT stuff. I owned an old billet APT 38mm a few years ago and had a really hard time with dialing it in and getting it to run the same every time I jumped on the bike. That’s not the case at all with the SC2.

    I can’t wait to try it on a snow bike setup now.

  6. Tom Guowei, owner XTNG

    I can’t believe it, SC2 makes my old CR250 run like a new BIKE! awesome! I decided to buy a 40MM SC2 for my brother to revive his CR500!

  7. Carlos Dominguez (verified owner)

    This carburetor is an absolute beast. I don’t regret paying the premium price at all. My 1999 KTM 250 was fouling a plug every 4 hours and had a low end bog. It was leaking and drinking gas like an olympic athlete drinks water. With the SC2 the throttle response is crisp, 2.5 gallons lasted me a whole 4 hours of riding, and I was easily able to hit the powerband with no delays. On top of that, installation was only 10 minutes. This is the best mod I’ve added to my bike and helps such an old bike run like a modern one! Pick one up if you can ?

  8. Jon F (verified owner)

    Hey guys I bought this for my 2003 CR250R. I wanted to let you guys know that this carb is absolutely the BEST product I have ever bought for any of my bikes. I recently talked a friend into getting a carb for his YZ125 and will continue to share my experience with others. Customer service is excellent, and the product is phenomenal. The 38mm SC2 SmartCarb is worth every penny times 2. Thank you for making such an excellent product.

  9. Walter Loving

    I purchased a 2020 YZ250X from a local dealership in June of 2020 for the purpose of trail riding with my son who is on a CRF50F. Needless to say I believed the 250x would be a perfect bike for woods riding and slower technical terrain. However, the first day I had it out it fouled a spark plug. The dealer ensured me this was normal for a new bike however, it continued to happen after almost every ride regardless of how much I was on the pipe. The support from the dealership was non-existent as thy suggested riding harder and changing my oil ratios to fix the jetting issues.

    I was getting to the point where I wanted to trade the bike in all together, I’m not a mechanic and did not want to mess with jetting or let the dealership charge me more to fix the factory jetting issues the bike left the shop with.

    That is when I discovered Technology Elevated! When I called the shop to inquire about their carburetors, the staff was extremely receptive , knowledgeable and helpful. In fact, they offered to look at my bike since I was local. A few weeks later I brought my bike into the shop for a 38mm smart carb which they installed in-house for me.

    Having an SC2-Smart Carb on my bike has completely changed my outlook and experience on the bike. For starters I have not fouled a spark plug in months of lugging the bike around at slower speeds with my son which is a gift in it self. Secondly, the bike is nearly impossible to stall during technical riding and the power delivery is much more linear.

    I now feel like I have a great bike that I can depend upon and I can share the time I have to ride with my son instead of pushing the bike out of the woods to change the plugs, all thanks to Technology Elevated.

  10. Matthew McGovern

    I read every forum online before purchasing a 38mm smartcarb for a 86 trx250r. The bike has 68mm piston, full air box, full fmf pipe. I live in New England and struggled with jetting on an original Keihein carb that was completely rebuilt. Between elevation changes where I ride spanning from 42′ above sea level to other riding areas 2000′ above sea level, the bike always ran like garbage. Humidity and temp changes are drastic here from one day to the next and the bike was becoming a hassle. I bought my smartcarb used, as I did not want to pay full price on something that I have never tried. After putting the carb on my bike, with no tuning once so ever (came off of a trx250r with full pipe and stock motor), the bike literally started first kick. I no longer had my low end bog. I had crisp throttle at all rpm when you whacked it. After several rides at 42′ on up to 2000′ on 90 degree days and 65 degree days, (and little tuning help from this company) the bike is snappy and crisp. I maybe spent 30 minutes setting carb to my liking then did plug chops. I would recommend this carb to anybody with a 2-stroke. Best part is, I contacted this company and spoke with Nathan who is a customer service rep. Even knowing I bought the carb second hand, he went out of his way to give me technical support for carb settings for my bike given my region and modifications. He did not care that I did not buy new, basically said he valued me as a customer of their product regardless of how I purchased 🙂 Customer service is absolutely awesome. The carb auto tunes itself for elevation and temp changes unlike the Lectron. The dial clicker is simple to use and you really do not have to mess with it at all once set for you bike. No more gas leaking out vent hoses either. Super impressed with this carb and the people that work here. They hundred percent stand behind their product. For people online that were not impressed on some of the forums, I feel they did not take the time to set it up properly for their application or did not contact these guys for support. Hell, I even sent my plug chops to them to read and they helped with that. I cannot say enough. Always been a 2-stroke guy as far as sleds and bikes go and did not think I would ever go to this style of carb, but after purchasing and seeing how this almost made my 2 smoker into a “fuel injected” bike, I will never go back to an ordinary carb. Very good product. Thank you again to Nathan for all the help setting mine up! Greatly appreciated the time and effort especially when I purchased second hand! How many other companies would have done that???? Not many!


  11. Justin A Sadeghian

    Could not be more pleased with the purchase. Have about 60 hours including an off road racing series and multiple track days.
    Have a YZ250 but have a 325 kit with a rekluse clutch so was concerned about how the carb would perform. The combo was phenomenal and is testament to how flexible the carb is. Pulls hard off the bottom and is linear all the way through the RPM range

    Install was very straightforward, flipped up the rear subframe and had no issues. Would recommend using your phone (or other camera to make sure the there is no obstruction from the air boot, I had to trim mine slightly. Bike literally started in 5 kicks with a new top end. My 2015 YZ250 has no clearance issues with the rear shock either, it initially makes the air box touch until you sit on the bike.

    Initial tuning was pretty close from Technology Elevated. I really appreciate the fact they listen to each customers specific application and send a tuned carb for your platform with baseline settings written on the manual. I’ve heard complaints about the carb not being capable of change but I’ve had mine from sea level to 5K (MSL) in varying temperature and humidity conditions and I cannot tell the difference between my friends FI bikes and the SmartCarb. Another thing I like compared to FI is you have the capability to adjust to your liking, if the bike is to rich or lean it’s literally a 5 second process to get where you want to be. Additionally I’ve had friends with electronic FI issues, which I never have to worry about.

    The off road races started from “dead engine” condition so I’m familiar with starting quickly and the bike fires first kick every time if I do my job. In 60 hours of riding I’ve never had a starting issue.

    Fuel economy is dramatically better. Have not done a mileage test but for reference I could run a 2 hour off road race on the stock YZ250 MX tank, which is incredible and couldn’t get anywhere close to that before.

    Bottom line, I won’t have a bike with a conventional carb from here on out, really pleased with the product.


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