Learn how to install the SC2 SmartCarb into the 2020 Sherco 300 SE.

Corey Dyess, SC2 SmartCarb inventor and Technology Elevated CTO gives a step-by-step demonstration of  this simple process.  Why are we highlighting the new French-made Sherco 300 SE?  (The Sherco trials bikes are made in Barcelona, btw.)  Just ask top international racers Wade Young and Mario Roman why they ride Sherco’s highly refined enduro race bikes.  With an electronic power valve and ignition map switch, Sherco occupies a premium niche. By equipping your Sherco with an SC2 SmartCarb, you can expect at least 30 percent better fuel economy, at least 10 percent more power/torque, and ambient air density compensation for altitude or temperature changes (little or no adjustments required)–all of which means going farther, faster.  SC2’s proprietary metering rod, combined with the unique “keyhole” venturi shape, creates vortices that atomize fuel more finely than any other fuel system.  The result is more complete and efficient combustion, which drastically improves fuel economy and lowers emissions by half compared to other mechanical fuel systems, and because the SC2 is internally vented, there’s no risk of fuel spills.  So, you get to do good (for the environment) while performing your best.

Corey Dyess, SC2 SmartCarb inventor and Technology Elevated CTO is a natural teacher, having advised students during his years at the University of Wyoming, Laramie, where he was principal investigator in Case Supercharged Induction and managed Small Business Development and Research on low-emissions two-stroke development projects at the university.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, SmartCarb Fuel Systems, for more videos about getting the most power and fuel efficiency, all while respecting the environment.