The greatest innovations often take place at the crossroads of need and opportunity. When innovators identify a problem that individuals or a community need solved and develop the means to do so, they create a new market. The increasing pace of technological development generates many opportunities to address these needs.

Several of today’s most groundbreaking (or disruptive) innovations have been the result of this crossroads. From the sharing economy (Uber, AirBnB) to the financial sector (PayPal, investment app E*TRADE), entrepreneurial thinkers have leveraged advances in technology to solve problems ranging from minor inconveniences to larger societal ills. At Technology Elevated, we believe that it’s time for fuel system innovators to grasp the opportunity before us and emerge into the 21st century with an assist from the Internet of Things.

Innovative Fuel Systems

Over the past decade, western society has begun to meaningfully grapple with our impact on the environment. From the industrial age onward, fossil fuels have been the driving force behind major economic and social growth. Now, as pollution and environmental change become incontrovertible problems facing our collective future, innovators in the energy sector have begun searching for solutions.

Our initial contribution to this effort is through the development of fuel system technologies that mitigate user’s impact on the environment. The Technology Elevated SmartCarb™ fuel system is the result of over 50 years of innovative design and testing efforts to develop a precision fuel and air metering instrument that provides extremely fine fuel atomization, accurate air/fuel mixture control, and ambient air density compensation. The resulting fuel system provides not only increased power but also greater fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Consumers who retrofit their vehicles with our fuel system technology experience the benefits of a 10% increase in horsepower and the financial savings of a 30% increase in fuel economy. In addition, their adoption of this innovative technology results in a 50% reduction in harmful emissions. It’s a win for consumers and the environment.

While our customers are amazed by their experience with the SmartCarb, we’ve set our sights even higher.

Innovative Technology Meets the Internet of Things

Many recent innovations have harnessed the power of interconnected technology to take already beneficial products to the next level of convenience and effectiveness. For instance, the “smart home” phenomenon has captured the imagination and attention of consumers and innovators alike as we seek to reduce the energy impact of our homes while prioritizing comfort, safety, and savings. These developments are made possible by the Internet of Things.

As WIRED explains, “This is the language of the future: tiny, intelligent things all around us, coordinating their activities.” Through interconnection and data sharing, we can build networks through which different technologies communicate with each other, reinforcing efficiency and impact while reducing cost and inconvenience. In the Internet of Things, “the intelligence once locked in our devices now flows into the universe of physical objects.”

We believe that fuel system technologies and their consumer adopters can and should benefit from this interconnected age.

Creating New Energy Markets

Carbon exchange markets, which already exist in Europe and the United States, have not yet reached their full potential. However, the Internet of Things (IoT) creates an opportunity to leverage interconnected devices to record and relay data such as carbon offsets and track and reward consumers’ investment in emissions-reducing technology. When paired with emerging blockchain (or distributed ledger) technology, these networked devices can create a secure record of their impact and allow consumers to monetize their reduction in emissions through carbon exchange markets.

While initial speculation about the creation of new energy markets through distributed ledger technology has primarily focused on alternative energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines, both the need and opportunity exist in the market for smaller fossil fuel systems. Our innovative technology provides an opportunity to incentivize the adoption of emissions-reducing fuel systems, especially in emerging economies where the need for fuel economy and reduced environmental impact is most dire.

At Technology Elevated, we’re excited by the possibilities offered by the innovative combination of these technologies to create a new energy market for IoT-connected fuel systems powered by distributed ledgers. If you’d like to learn more about our vision or partner with us in bringing this future closer, contact us today.