We began our new blog series with a look into the exciting possibilities offered by emerging technology in the creation of new energy markets. The future is bright as innovative minds compete to harness the power of new technologies and create beneficial impacts for consumers and the environment. Our commitment to bringing that future closer begins with smarter fuel atomization technology.

What is fuel atomization, and what possibilities does it create for motorsports companies and enthusiasts who seek innovation and positive change?

The Benefits of Fuel Atomization

First, let’s take a moment to cover the basics. Fuel combustion is the driving force behind all motor vehicle advancements – literally. Inside a mechanical fuel system, fuel is fed through a small opening with enough force to break it into a fine mist, which then emulsifies as it mixed with the air around it. This mist reaches the engine, where combustion creates the force that fires pistons and moves the vehicle forward.

The efficiency and effectiveness of any fuel system depends on how finely it is able to atomize fuel. An inefficient fuel system will require greater amounts of fuel to achieve less power while releasing more carbon emissions which negatively impact air quality and the environment. A more efficient fuel system requires less fuel, increases horsepower, and reduces emissions. This may all seem very simple, yet progress in creating better fuel atomization technology has been slow.

At Technology Elevated, we’ve dedicated a lot of time and brainpower towards developing more efficient fuel atomization technology. Our work is the culmination of decades of advancements in flat-slide, mechanical fuel system design. We’ve improved on the standard model through innovative new design features that harness the greatest benefits of fuel atomization.

The SmartCarb: Delivering Innovative Fuel Atomization

The SmartCarb is a precision fuel and air metering instrument that provides extremely fine fuel atomization, precise air/fuel mixture control, and ambient air density compensation. All of these innovative features are delivered through a single-circuit, flat-slide, variable-venturi, jet-less carburetor. The SmartCarb achieves superior fuel atomization by way of proprietary venturi features, which are designed to precisely concentrate and accelerate airflow past a precision-cut metering rod.

As a result of these innovations, the SmartCarb produces fuel droplets that are smaller and more highly atomized than those produced by modern EFI systems and other conventional mechanical fuel systems. Superior fuel atomization enables a more complete and significantly cleaner combustion burn that leads to:

Increased Power

When compared to competing fuel atomizing systems, the SmartCarb provides up to 10% more horsepower spread over a broader power curve. SmartCarb users can feel the difference!

Greater Fuel Economy

Rigorous testing has demonstrated a 30% increase in fuel economy on average when an engine is outfitted with a SmartCarb. Customer testimonials indicate that this holds true in real-world conditions as well.

Fewer Emissions

When fuel is highly atomized prior to combustion, more of the fuel is consumed during the combustion process, resulting in net emissions reductions. In fact, the SmartCarb reduces emissions by as much as 50%. It has twice received North American EPA Tier II and CARB certifications, notably without require the use of precious metal catalysts.

The Future of Fuel Atomization Technology

Customers who retrofit their vehicles with the SmartCarb will experience the full benefits of superior fuel atomization. Their excitement and clear satisfaction with the results reinforces our drive to continue developing and distributing this technology. In addition, we’re pioneering further innovations in fuel atomization system technologies that will continue to set the curve for the industry and create a future of highly efficient and effective fuel systems and other engine components.

At Technology Elevated, we envision a future in which fuel atomization technology meets the Internet of Things and emerging energy markets to incentivize greater investment in efficient, emissions-reducing technology. We’re excited by the potential to generate data regarding micro-offsets, revolutions per minute, and oxygen levels in small engines, then communicate this data to the cloud through wireless transmitters. This would enable increased efficiency, continued innovation, and new energy markets that reward carbon offsets.

Keep your eyes on this space for more information about the disruptive technologies we’re developing and what they could mean for the future of fuel combustion and beyond. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today!